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Frequently Asked Questions

Orine USA is the NEXT UBER of Global Logistics !!! Orine USA is a startup which ensures a convenient digital service compared to the international logistics companies using “sharing economy” & “crowd sourcing” model that enables cross-border airline travelers to monetize their unused luggage space which in turn supports the local consumers who wish to shop from international marketplaces. In a broader perspective, this concept will ignite a significant growth of the global e-commerce industry. And also, help reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions globally.
Our dollar rate is 88 tk (as of Aug 2021) which is as per the current market rate. So we modify the rate if the market rate changes.
Due to Covid-19 Orine USA is practicing Home Office since mid of March 2020. So all kind of Pickup service is off but you can receive your items through Home Delivery.
For Grocery items, we keep stock of most ordered items and rest we directly collect from supplier’s end or bought from Super Shops or DCC as per the preference of the shopper. For US items, we don’t keep any item in ready stock as we are a platform that connects the shoppers with travelers. Travelers bring items from the US, based on shopper’s request.
Please visit this YouTube link for the detailed order process How to order from Orine USA – YouTube
You can call us on our customer support number is +15616708276 from Saturday to Thursday (10 am to 7 pm). You can also message on our Facebook page: orineusa or email us at
What is your delivery charge Inside and Outside Dhaka City?
EARCH your preferred item on any US online shop and COPY & PASTE the item link on our search bar. 2. Click the “SEARCH” button to generate product page with an estimated Price and Delivery date. 3. On the Product page click “REVIEW PRICE” button and wait for a while to get the final Price, in your Cart. 4. Click on “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button then select a Delivery option. After that, make the Payment to confirm your order. Orine USA ensures your delivery in Bangladesh within a few days.